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Aufbau Series - Tote Bag

  • Sku: 3023001#HLJB#FS001_AS#Black_One Size


This versatile tote bag is expertly crafted from high-quality jute and canvas, combining eco-friendly materials with heat-resistant durability. It's your go-to bag for a wide range of uses, whether you need to carry groceries, personal items, or anything in between. This adaptable tote is suitable for various occasions, accommodating your needs at school, the office, during travel, gym sessions, and shopping sprees. And the best part? You have the freedom to personalize it to your liking, making it truly your own

Large - 33cm(H) X 39cm(W) X 15cm(L)
Small - 25cm(H) X 30cm(W) X 11.5cm(L)
Mini - 17.5cm(H) X 9cm(W) X 22cm(L)
Lunch - 20.5cm(H) X 16cm(W) X 20.5cm(L)

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